Projects & Experiences

In summary, the core competencies/differentiation of our lawyers and our firm are as follows:-

  • Advised on many of the major mineral resources joint ventures negotiated in Australia over the past 28 years with Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton;

  • In-depth experience on all aspects of involvement in the development of the Australian resources industry since the early 1970s;

  • Advised on mineral resources projects in more than 30 countries;

  • Our special expertise in mineral resources projects in Australia involving Chinese participants;

  • Our valuable intellectual property covers not only negotiating and documentation skills, but also critical project management, commercial skills and delivery expertise;

  • Our reputation and contacts to facilitate government support and approvals at both the state and federal government levels in China and Australia;

  • Our intelligence network and past corporate expertise enable us to understand the important political and cultural structures in Australia to facilitate these negotiations; and

  • The “big brother” backing and support from our US¬†affilliate, Chadbourne & Parke LLP, accessing their global data and precedent bases and network.